Jan de Munck

Associate professor

VU Medical Center | VUmc · Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (RNG)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Jan C de Munck (born 01-03-1962, male) graduated in physics at the University of Amsterdam (1985) cum laude (best 10 %) and obtained his PhD-degree in 1989 from the same university, also cum laude. He is specialized in image and signal processing techniques applied to the clinical domain of neurological diseases. He has co-authored more than 100 scientific papers in that field and he has a H-index of 32.

In the group of De Munck new image and signal processing methods are developed to facilitate the clinical interpretation of scans of different macroscopic modalities, such as MRI, fMRI, CT, PET, EEG and MEG. Algorithms have been developed in C/C++ for artifact rejection, motion correction, image matching and joint visualization, image correlation and statistical analysis.

De Munck was e.g. one of the first scientists to measure skull conductivity in vivo, which appeared to be a key factor to increase the accuracy of EEG based source localization techniques. He also was one of the first to address the technological challenges of combined EEG/fMRI. He published the software developed during several research projects on the web at http://demunck.info/software/. De Munck is currently appointed as associate professor at VUmc and teaches several courses in the field of image processing, signal processing and parameter estimation.